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'CRISTAL' Float-operated level Transmitter is used for continuous level Indication and Control of any liquid. This consists of a level transducer and a signal converter. This can be used for any liquid chemically compatible with transducer material, unaffected by electrical conductivity. temperature, pressure or viscosity.

The transducer consists of a float and guide tube assembly in non-magnetic material to achieve undisturbed flux. A chain of closely spaced glass encapsulated reed switches and electric resistors are placed inside guide tube. According to level rise and fall, the float moves and actuates the reed switch in the chain through a magnet system within it and develops a proportional voltage. The operation is similar to a sliding resistance potentiometer. The sensed voltage is fed to a transmitter for converting it to a signal of 0 - 20 am. or -1 - 20 mA. The transmitter can be incorporated with a digital display and or / adjustable multiple alann days.
The transducer can be mounted internally or externally through a chamber by flanged connection of y' 0:8 or 4" !\iB. The transducer is pre-calibrated in the factory. To operate the level transducer, it has to York in conjunction with a signal converter, which could have 1e or 100IJ powered electronics. L!!'1f..' r'('\,.'erred transmitter can be incorporating with a digital display. Loop powered transmitter is used for rcn:otc signaling to a process indicator/controller.
ll1e outstanding features of this transmitter arc, it is pre-calibrated at factory, 4 - 20 mA processed output signal, 2 or 4 wire units, liquid level or liquid/liquid interface detection high accuracy and repeatability and adjustable multiple alann relays.

The level transmitter can be supplied to any range up to 4 Mts. With flanged connection. Material of construction will be nominally SS-316 & suitable for max. temp of 1500 C. and pressure 15 Kg//cm2.
Enclosure protection will be weather-proof or flame proof.

Spiral converter will have normal output 4-20mA
(OptioNED 0-20 o 0I - 0 - 5 VDC) max. load -100 ohms. supply voltage of 24 V DC / 110 or 220 V AC. Digital display (optional) of 3 1/2 / 4 1/2 digits in 0% or in cms. Control (optional) of multiple. stepless adjustable: OF relays rated for 6A at 240 V AC .Mounting can be panel or wall and enclosure protection of weather proof.


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